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Our Pipeline

The BNDC manages a pipeline of 10-14 drug discovery projects at various stages of advancement.  Projects begin with validating whether the drug target plays an important role in models of the disease, then we develop drug screening assays and identify chemicals that interact specifically with the drug target. This process is called high throughput screening, or HTS. These chemicals are then validated during lead selection, and if proven effective, are optimized by medicinal chemists for use in humans. Prior to clinical trials drug candidates are rigorously tested for safety following FDA guidelines. Once approved, clinical trials can start at partner clinical centers. Our pipeline features drug discovery projects in different aspects of neurodegeneration: Neuroprotection, Neuroinflammation, Genetic Risk Factors, and Novel Targets. 

BNDC Pipeline

"The drug discovery expertise in the BNDC has enabled us to collaboratively expand our research into new, translationally-focused areas."

~Shane Liddelow, Ph.D.

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